Restaurant and Conference Room


Western-style Restaurant:

The Western-style restaurant on the first floor provides fine breakfasts both in the Chinese and Western styles. Thanks to the culinary art of the chef, we provide a rich spectrum of dishes. The comfortable and graceful dining space opens up the source of energy of your day. We also provide café and tea service 24 hours a day. It is a convenient choice for business meetings. It also offers a place for rest whenever you feel tired during travels or business trips.

※We provide free afternoon tea.

Opening Time PM 13:30~16:30

The afternoon tea served time get change or cancellation, it won't notify. Please contact front desk.




Chinese-style Restaurant:

The Chinese-style restaurant on the second floor has a capacity of 20-25 tables for large-scale feasts. The vast space is suitable for dinners of companies, family communal dinners, birthday celebrations, wedding feasts…We can always adjust our dishes according to the customer’s needs and the seasons to ensure that both the hosts and the guests enjoy themselves!


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